Overcoming Fear

I’m scared.

Honestly, I think I’m mostly scared of what people will think.

I’m scared of going out of my comfort zone and trying something new and challenging.

I’m scared of using my talents to bring glory to my Creator.

My sister and I were given the option of lead music for church of Sunday; it would just be us, a flute player and a guitarist. I knew from the very beginning that God wanted us to do it. Our church currently doesn’t have many musicians and I felt bad not using my talent to help people worship God, but I was scared to say yes-and still am.

I am scared because, even though I’ve done this before, it always turns out different and I don’t want to mess anything up.

I am scared because I don’t want people to think badly of me if I do mess things up.

And I’m scared that I’m not good enough.

I know this is what God wants us to do, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Part of me so wishes that I could crawl back into my old hole where I was sheltered from the world and opportunities like this. But I know I can’t, and I knew that, when I exited that hole of shyness where my life was ruled by a constant the fear that I’d have to do something outside of my comfort zone, I would never be able to enter it again.

I have faced my fears and decided to lead worship on Sunday, but every time I think of it, dread fills my stomach and I wonder if it’s now too late to pull out of my commitment.  But God has showed me that this is His will for me. I want to do anything to bring glory to Him, well, here’s my chance. God has shown me a little bit of His glory, and I want to use my music talent to help others see Him. I’m not doing this for me. The only reason I accepted was because I have seen the Lord’s majesty and glory and I want others to see it as well. I want people to see God in all I do, and I want Him to get all the glory.

This is the fear I have been battling recently, and this is what God has shown me in it. This is what God has been teaching me over the past few days.

What has God been teaching you recently?

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