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A life update of sorts

Life has been so busy and I really haven't found time to do much besides work, study, and spend time with family. Such is the season of life that I'm in right now and I'm trying to be okay with it. I'm trying to be okay with the fact that everything is chaotic and out… Continue reading A life update of sorts

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Living one day at a time

I just want to hide from life for a bit. Can I please just hide from these responsibilities that continue to pile up? And yet there are not breaks in real life so I must continue on. I'll live one day at a time, relying on Him for strength and focusing and re-focusing my eyes… Continue reading Living one day at a time

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Confessions of a judgmental human

Who am I to judge when I have been so freely forgiven? Yes, those who know me would probably call me judgmental, if asked. Because I do judge people. I judge 'em for the way they dress, the way they act, they way they look. Often it's only in jest. Yes, I may joke about… Continue reading Confessions of a judgmental human

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What wondrous love is this? What wondrous love is this, O my soul?Sing, sing of this wondrous love. Sing of this love that was never deserved, never earned, only bought at such a great price. What wondrous love it this , O my soul?What love is this that even in the depths of despair and depression, it reaches to… Continue reading What wondrous love is this?