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What would I see if I lived in your skin, even if just for one day? How different would things be from a perspective that isn't mine? How much more understanding, compassion, would I gain? What would it be like to see with your eyes, hear with your ears, live your life? Would I finally… Continue reading Skin

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To Grandpa

July 19, 2018 To Grandpa... Thank you. Thank you for loving us, for adopting us as your own grandkids even though we weren't related by blood. Thank you for playing ridiculous and fun games with us. Thank you for making us laugh, for protecting us. Thank you for supporting us and being there for us… Continue reading To Grandpa

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Confessions of a judgmental human

Who am I to judge when I have been so freely forgiven? Yes, those who know me would probably call me judgmental, if asked. Because I do judge people. I judge 'em for the way they dress, the way they act, they way they look. Often it's only in jest. Yes, I may joke about… Continue reading Confessions of a judgmental human

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Book Review: Finding Beautiful by Rebecca Friedlander

Finding Beautiful Author: Rebecca Friedlander Publisher: Baker Books Publication date: April 20, 2019 My rating 3 out of 5 stars Summary: Americans spend millions on beauty products, weight-loss programs, and age-defying medical interventions each year. We set impossible standards and feel bad about ourselves when we don't reach them. Is beauty truly that difficult to… Continue reading Book Review: Finding Beautiful by Rebecca Friedlander

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What wondrous love is this? What wondrous love is this, O my soul?Sing, sing of this wondrous love. Sing of this love that was never deserved, never earned, only bought at such a great price. What wondrous love it this , O my soul?What love is this that even in the depths of despair and depression, it reaches to… Continue reading What wondrous love is this?

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On the theme of my life…

Wait. It seems to be the theme of my life. When I was little and desperately wanted friends, I could feel God telling me to wait, to not be jealous of those around me that had "best friends." I never really got those friends, and yet I got something so much better: satisfaction in the… Continue reading On the theme of my life…